Haven't had a chance to catch The Company We Keep podcast yet?

Here are seven reasons why you should give it a listen (and subscribe):

I want to help people

I’m not doing a podcast to be the next Joe Rogan.

I’m doing it to help people.

It’s not that Joe Rogan doesn’t help people, but I’m not basing my content on the number of downloads I can get.

I’m creating content that I think can really help people and provide a useful perspective.

You’re going to hear stories from someone who has been through it all

I have genuinely gone through all of the ups and downs life has to offer, both in business and life.

Sometimes I learned my lessons the hard way. And I hope these lessons can help you.

The Company We Keep is different than other business podcasts out there

First off, I don’t consider my podcast a business podcast. I consider it a success podcast. A life podcast.

If you're looking to improve, and if you're looking to find success in a way that you can feel good about and doesn't make you feel like you have to get a certification of Harvard Business School to win in life, then this podcast is for you.

I’m getting just as much out of the podcast as you are

Recording these episodes consistently makes me look inwards at myself, my choices, and what’s important to me.

Speaking into a microphone is like therapy.

The episodes are short!

I assume most people have the attention span that I do.

I would like each episode to be consumed in one sitting–so I settled on 15-20 minutes per episode to make it easier for listeners to do just that.

I’ll tell you where to start

Jumping into a new podcast that already has dozen of episodes can be overwhelming and a turnoff.

But here are a couple that can get you started and give you a real sense of what we have to offer:

Head, Heart, House

Guest: Lauren Johnson

Guest: Chris Niemeyer (Part One and Part Two)

Maybe you’ll hear one of my dream guests!

I would be lying if I didn’t have some dream guests I would like to have on the show.

Here are a few that currently top my list:

Buffalo Bills Head Coach: Sean McDermott

I love everything Sean stands for. I love how he leads. I love how he holds himself accountable and the buck stops with him.

Tim Tebow

I’m an enormous fan. Part of my faith-based journey has been motivated by Tim and his “Night to Shine” events. I had a life-changing experience volunteering at one of his events, and the way he leads with his heart is awe-inspiring.

Justin Welsh

What Justin is doing online and how he’s motivating people to build online and create income for themselves so they can lead a life they truly want to live is incredibly admirable.

Well...did I convince you? Are you ready to download a few episodes?

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