A few years ago, I may have looked at my competition and been consumed with what they were up to:

Hey, they're getting this exposure.

Why am I not getting this exposure?

They're succeeding.

Why can't I succeed?

And the fact is there's a ton of room to succeed.

If I'm consumed with what others are doing and looking at their success as a detriment to mine, it becomes problematic.

Here's why:

If I'm consumed with what they're doing, I develop FOMO.

I start copying everything that they do.

I become a fraud.

And instead of watching, listening, and learning, I'm worried about how can I beat them.

Although I'm competitive and I want to develop a successful business, I would be pulled away from the things I need to focus on.

This would be a detriment to my clients and their growth because I'm focused on somebody else as opposed to being focused on them.

I'm not perfect.

My competition's not perfect either.

This is why I'm all in on the idea that "everyone can win."

Instead of competing, I respect the fact they've got interesting insight or they do or say things I may be able to put into practice on my end that would help a client.

In that scenario they win, I win, Nacre Consulting LLC wins, my clients win, everyone wins.