I’ve been experimenting a lot on LinkedIn over the last few months.

Some things I’ve posted have “worked,” while others have definitely “failed.”

It’s easy to develop social media FOMO, but here’s how I fight against it:

FOMO = the fear of missing out.

And when it comes to social media, it’s the fear that other people are doing it better than you, are smarter than you, have better ideas than you.

It’s easy to spiral into a dark place.

To give up.

Everyone feels this at some point or another.

It’s human.

But I fight back the urge to feel less-than by defining my own success.

My success is something that I consistently evaluate for myself and make a choice daily to pursue.

It allows me to be content with my actions and my best effort – and not be hijacked by the actions of others who are entirely out of my control.

So when you feel yourself drifting into FOMO-land, do your best to shift to gratitude.

Shift your mindset to appreciate the things you have and the effort you’re making instead of dwelling on what you haven’t achieved (yet).

Then wake up and do it again tomorrow.