After 20 years spent in client acquisition and executive management, I've learned a thing or two about client retention.

Retention is the true secret to scaling your business.

Here are five ways I keep my clients happy:

I Build Relationships: I make sure to get to know the organization from the CEO to the coordinators, but I also branch out and build relationships with the day-to-day team I'm working with.

I'm Laser-Focused On Achieving What I Was Hired To Do: I stay in my lane and work on solving my problems first.

I Own My Mistakes: We all make them. What separates you is when you admit a mistake and act quickly and honestly to come up with a solution.

I Create Solutions, Not Just Ideas: Ideas are game-changing. But so is execution. While there's always time for ideas, you should focus on creating solutions and moving the needle.

I Understand Where My Coworkers Are Coming From In Their "Head, Heart, and House:" I'm empathetic that they're coming to the table with a lot on their plate. And it helps to be open, understanding, and flexible.