I'm here to help CEOs and leaders of small to medium-sized technology companies looking to grow and scale their size, scope, and revenue.

I want to give you the space to talk about business issues you're facing as a leader (they're probably more common than you think), help you problem-solve, and generally listen and provide guidance based on my 20+ years in business, sales, and growth.

Here's how I can help:

45-Leadership & Growth Advisement Session ($299)

What you'll get on our call:

After you tell me a little more about you, your business, and the problem(s) you're facing (via a questionnaire I'll send you before our call), we'll jump on a Zoom call for 45 minutes to hash it out.

Use this time any way that you like, but you'll come out of the call with:

-Honest feedback

-A thoughtful approach to solve your problem (or at least where to start)

-An outside perspective to help you see your business in a new way

You'll get a recording of the Zoom and a transcript of our conversation so you can be present in the conversation and not worry about taking notes.

Ready to book a call? Click here.

Here's what people are saying about our advisement sessions:

"Jason broke down my problem quickly."

"He gave me advice that I'm currently deploying as we speak."

"The call was a conversation."

"Jason's breadth and depth of knowledge in different areas of business are impressive."

"Potentially saving me thousands of dollars."

"I truly believe Jason wants me to succeed."

-Brian Benedict, Development Director

"Jason helped me with mindset, setting clear goals and objectives, and a clear action plan."

"Jason's coaching is rooted in fundamentally doing the right thing and leading from the point of positivity rather than fear and repercussion."

-Tom Domin, Financial Advisor

"What I appreciate most is Jason's ability to simplify things that can seem complex on the surface."

"You are good at shining the flashlight in the direction I need to go and supporting me in taking steps to get there."

"Maybe you can be successful on your own, but working with Jason will clearly accelerate and amplify that success, and likely make it more enjoyable in the process."

-CJ Maurer, Principal, Inbound Marketing

"What I appreciated most about the call was a sense of confidentiality and knowing that Jason also took 'the leap.'"

"I would recommend a call with Jason because he has a life-long pursuit of knowledge and continually evolves as a person."

-Tom Murphy, Founder & Managing Director