Let me help you solve your business problem

So you need to work through a problem with your business... Like most of us, you are putting your heart, soul, and time into excelling in your career. But you’ve come across a business issue that you need to


I stumbled upon this Reddit thread that perfectly captures the importance of consistency and sticking with something even though it's probably easier to stop: -90% of podcasts don't get past episode 3. That's 1.8 million who quit. -Of the

Instant Gratification Is Killing Your Success

This week on The Company We Keep podcast, my guest Chef Matt Abdoo talked about our culture’s obsession with instant gratification. Instant gratification is sneaky. It makes you THINK that you're taking a shortcut, but what it's really doing

Please Don’t Say This About Me…

At the end of the road, I know what I DON'T want people saying about me... "He was very professional." "He was a great business owner." "He was really good at making other people money." If that's what they're saying,

How I Avoid Becoming A Fraud

A few years ago, I may have looked at my competition and been consumed with what they were up to: Hey, they're getting this exposure. Why am I not getting this exposure? They're succeeding. Why can't I succeed? And the

Everyone can win.

News Flash: Everyone can win! In business and life, there are almost endless opportunities to succeed. Here are a few ways to add to others winning: Go out of your way to compliment someone publicly on a weekly basis. Spend

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