Do you ever stop and take inventory of the people that are in your life?

I don't mean those in your immediate family...I mean more of the people in your "circle of influence" or whatever other trendy name you want to label your network with?

I found myself doing this recently.

What I realized was pretty shocking.

80% of my circle (outside of my immediate family/neighbors) would have been strangers to me four years ago.

For me, this has been really helpful.

And no, this isn't an attack on any of the people I worked with, am long-time friends with, or used to spend time with.

It's just an observation of how important it is to be aware of who you allow to speak into your life.

I added this 80% by being open, bold, and willing to risk embarrassment or pride by humbling myself to ask to get to know people better and put myself in situations where I could meet new people.

I am blessed to have wonderfully talented, faithful, and intelligent individuals speaking good into my life.

People often discuss "Leveling Up!" That doesn't mean leaving others behind–it's intentionally surrounding yourself with people who can hold you accountable and positively influence your journey of self-improvement, whether personally or professionally.

Have you added anyone to your circle recently?